Damiana leaf c/s wildcrafted

Damiana leaf c/s wildcrafted

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Botanical Name: Tunera diffusa

Origin: Mexico

Also known as Mexican Holly, or Old Woman's Broom, this shrub grows in tropical regions of Central and South America. Commonly drunk as a tea but because it is bitter, it is often combined with other herbs. Can be made into poultices and infused oils for topical treatment.

It is a relaxing nervine and tonic with an affinity for nervous system problems that affect
the reproductive system. It works by increasing blood flow, blood oxygenation, and
energy in the affected area while it relaxes the whole person. It is also used for debility,
depression and lethargy. It has mild laxative properties. It has traditionally been used to
treat coughs, colds, enuresis, nephritis, headaches and dysmenorrhea. It is a popular
cure in Mexico for hangover.