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Women's Care


These pure and natural cosmetics are time-tested formulas, many created by Rosemary Gladstar and blended here at Wild Weeds, by hand, in small batches to assure freshness.  

Miracle Cleansing Grains

$4.95 - 3.25 oz.

$19.95 16 oz.

Leaves your skin fresh and smooth. When blended with yogurt, milk, or water, these grains make a fine facial mask. Specify Citrus, Peppermint, or unscented. Fresh ground almonds, fine white clay, organic oats, corn meal and pure herbal essence.  

Facial Steams

$5.25 3 oz

$23.00 16 oz

For deep pore cleansing and skin restoration. A wonderful way to let go and relax, absorbing the essential oils of the herbs. Pure, simple and effective. Instructions included. 

Choose one. Dry Skin: comfrey, chamomile, rose, calendula, and essential oil.

                       Oily Skin: comfrey, calendula, peppermint, white oak bark, sage and essential oil.  

Body Lotion

$4.00 / 8 oz.  

$7.50 / 16 oz

Goes on smooth and covers and absorbs quickly. Choose scent: lavender, floral, unscented, wildwoods. 

Calendula/Lavender Lotion 

$6.95 - 4 oz 

$10.95 - 8 oz 

We created this lotion to soften and heal our hands that are often abused by the elements while gardening. Our friends use it on dry chapped feet as well. We make this lotion from a tea of fresh organic calendula and lavender flowers from our gardens and combine the tea with oils known for their ability to heal dry skin. Has a delightful natural scent.

Herbal Deodorant Mist 

$6.95/4 fl oz 

An all natural spray deodorant with the lovely scent of bergamot, lavender and rose geranium. (Not an anti-perspirant) Contains no harmful additives or chemicals.

Moon Maiden Beauty Cream

$11.95 - 2 fl oz

We created this magical blend of natural oils and rose water scented with calming lavender essential oil to nurture your skin while you sleep. You'll love the silky feel of your skin when you awake! Also makes a great day time moisturizer. Made for dry skin.

Sun Goddess Restoration Cream

$11.95 - 2 fl oz

A day time moisturizer with natural 15+ sunscreen. Contains natural oils blended with rose water and scented with lavender essential oil. Great for restoring dry, damaged or mature skin to a silky smoothness that lasts all day. Made for dry skin.

Spearmint Tooth Powder

$3.95/ 3 oz.  

$9.95/8 oz Bulk

We love the way this powder cleans our teeth! Regular use makes your teeth feel professionally cleaned. Also helps prevent gum disease. Made from mineral clay, sea salt, myrrh, bee propolis powder, spearmint and peppermint oils.


Organic Rainbow Henna

$1.35 per oz.

Certified Organic Natural Hair Color and Conditioner. The powdered leaves of the Lawsonia plant plates and protects the hair shaft, allowing color to be reflected through the hair while enhancing natural color. Regular use conditions and texturizes hair, giving it more body and shine; also covers gray. Its effects last up to 3 months. Follow included instructions carefully.

          Short fine hair - use 2-3 oz.

          Medium length hair - use 3-5 oz.

          Long hair - use 5-8 oz.

Specify color:  Black; Light Brown; Medium Brown; Dark Brown; Neutral; Marigold Blond; Copper; Mahogany; Burgundy; Red; Sherry.  

Herbal Hair Rinse

$5.25 3 oz.

$23.00 16 oz.

Herbs have been used for centuries in conditioning rinses, and are a wonderful, natural and effective way to tone, condition and highlight your hair. They're simple to use; instructions included. Each come in loose blends. 

Golden Tones (blonde to light brown) Calendula, chamomile, comfrey, safflower, nettle, yarrow, and essential oils.

Spicy Brunette (brown and red)  Rosemary, sage, comfrey, nettle, yarrow, cloves, and essential oils.

Rosemary Aloe Hair & Scalp Conditioning Tonic NEW!!!

$4.95 - 4 oz

$15.95 - 16 oz

This formula was designed to restore and maintain hair volume and strength. Adds shine to dull lifeless hair. Massage into scalp and hair and leave on for 10 minutes then thorroughly shampoo. For best results, wrap hair in a shower cap, leave on overnight and then shampoo.

Contents: organic aloe vera gel, organic apple cider vinegar, jojoba oil, organic calendula oil, organic rosemary oil, and rosemary essential oil.


Bath Herbs 

(muslin bag included)

$5.25 - 3 oz

$23.00 - 16 oz.

Since the pores in our skin are our largest organ of assimilation and elimination, we like to give them special care and attention with herbs. by bathing with herbs, we readily absorb their wonderful healing properties.

Choose from:  

relaxing blend: chamomile, lavender, roses, comfrey, hops, passion flower, essential oils  

stimulating blend with peppermint, calendula, comfrey, spearmint, rosemary, roses, cloves, & essential. oils.

Body Powder (talc-free) 

$3.95 - 3 oz.  

$13.95-16 oz (bulk)

A silky blend of mineral clay, arrowroot powder, cornstarch and fresh herbal essences.  

Choose scent: 


Wild Woods, (patchouli, sandalwood & vetiver),  



Bath Salts 

$4.95 6 oz.

$7.95 - 16 oz bulk (does not come in a corked bottle)

6 oz  comes in a corked bottle with wooden spoon. Made with various mineral salts, mineral clays, and herbal essences. 

Choose scent: 


Wild Woods (Patchouli, Sandalwood, Vetiver)



Queen of Hungary's Water 

$6.95 4 oz.

Made at Wild Weeds. A delightful herbal bouquet! This is made from an ancient recipe and used over the centuries as an astringent. Use to tighten facial pores after using our cleansing grains, after shaving or to tone skin tissue. Great for men and women alike. Comes with fine mist sprayer in a cobalt blue bottle.

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