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Tea Brewing Utensils


34 oz Cast Iron Teapot $49.95
This beautiful crafted cast iron teapot can be used directly on the stove top. Has a removeable stainless steel mesh infuser. Made from sturdy iron with a matte enamel finish coating on the inside. The body is cast in a bronze bamboo design. This high quality teapot will be a treasure for generations to come!


Floral Ceramic Infuser Mug $12.95
Beautiful floral porcelain tea mug with lid and porcelain infuser. Perfect for our bulk tea infusions!



Bamboo Tea Strainer


Bamboo Tea Strainer 

These beautiful small baskets are a lovely way to make tea. Keep two or 

three on hand so they can dry between uses.


Mesh Teaspoon 2 1/2 inch $5.75

Mesh Teaspoon 1 3/4 inch $3.75

Mesh Tea Spoon 

An enclosed mesh teaspoon to brew loose leaf tea by the cupful. 



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