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Beverage Teas

 3 oz - $6.00  16 oz $25.00

Enjoy our herbal dream tea as a healthy, natural, and flavorful alternative to caffeinated beverages.  Formulated by Rosemary Gladstar and blended here at Wild Weeds in small batches to assure freshness, using the finest herbs available. This tea can be drunk hot or iced.

Our hand-crafted loose tea is packaged in three ounce, or one pound airtight bags with instructions for brewing on each bag,   

Dream Tea
Specially blended for the dreamer. This is an ancient formula said to evoke powerful and colorful dreams. We drink this tea and sleep on dream pillows for vivid recall of our dream world.
Contents: organic peppermint, organic chamomile, organic chrysanthemum flower, wildcrafted gotu kola, wildcrafted damiana, wildcrafted mugwort, organic red roses, and organic rosemary leaf.


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