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 Sweet Dreams

Dream Pillow Mix
4oz - $8.00
16oz - $25.00

Prepared for stimulating the dream world. Use to refill our Sweet Dream Pouches, or to make your own pouch! Includes a muslin bag. Herbal intent: Soothing sleep, sweet dreams and ease of their remembrance.
Contents: mugwort, rosemary, lavender, hops, roses, chamomile, orris root, and essential oil blend.
Dream Tea
3oz - $6.00
16 oz - $25.00

Specially blended for the dreamer. This is an ancient formula said to evoke powerful and colorful dreams. We drink this tea and sleep on dream pillows for vivid recall of our dream world.
Contents: peppermint, chamomile, chrysanthemum flower, gotu kola, damiana, mugwort, red roses, and rosemary leaf.




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