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Flea Control

Pennyroyal Herbal Collars - $5.00/ea. NOW $3.00!!!

In a variety of beautiful fabrics and prints, 100% cotton, stuffed with pennyroyal herb, sprayed with eucalyptus, cedar, citronella and pennyroyal oils. Freshen with a few drops of recharge oil, applied directly to fabric. Available in medium size.

*Recharge Oil -1/3 oz.  $5.00 

                            1 oz. $12.00

Eucalyptus, cedar, citronella and pennyroyal oils.



Bug-Off (bug repellent oil) 

$4.95 – 4 oz.

Rub small amount on skin to repel mosquitoes, flies and fleas. It has a pleasant, natural aroma.  For pets and humans. Organic olive oil, bay, pennyroyal, eucalyptus, rosemary and oil of citronella.

Moth Repellant Sachet

$3.95 each. Great smelling sachets in 3x5 muslin bag. Repels moths and other insects. Place in closets or drawers with clothes. Contents: wormwood, lavender, cedar shavings, orange peel, star anise, and essential oils.

Pennyroyal Repellent Oil (organic) 

$4.95 – 4 oz.

A solar-infused, pungent oil (not to be confused with an essential oil, which could be too strong for your pet). Rub on pet’s coat, or apply to cloth or leather collar to repel insects.



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