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These herbal oil infusions and compounds are carefully prepared, most of them here at Wild Weeds, by using organic olive and other oils into which fresh-dried organic herbs are slowly infused, either by the sun or on a low gentle heat. When the process is complete, the oil is strained and bottled for use.

2 oz $7.95

4 oz $13.95

16 oz $52.00


Calendula Oil 

(100% Organic) 

  Made at Wild Weeds

A wonderful all-purpose skin oil, use this as a base for your salves and creams, or as is on diaper rash, and skin inflammations. Exceptionally soothing.

Contents: organic olive oil and organic calendula flowers.  

St. John's Wort Oil 

(Wildcrafted Flowers in organic olive oil) 

Made at Wild Weeds

Has traditionally been used as a valuable anti-inflammatory remedy. Can speed the healing of wounds, bruises, varicose veins, sunburns, bee stings, and mild burns. This lovely ruby red oil can only be made with the fresh flowers of the St. John's Wort plant.

Contents: Organic Olive oil and ethically wildcrafted St. John's wort flowers.



Rosemary's Rubs and Salves

These herbal rubs/salves are made fresh at Wild Weeds from recipes created by Rosemary Gladstar and ourselves. They hasten healing and are soothing when applied to the skin. For use on burns, blisters, bruises, rashes and minor cuts. Most of the salves can also be used on your pets. Occasionally, we may substitute an equivalent herb when an herb becomes unavailable at the time of production. 50 ml salves come in an amber glass jar to protect salves from light. Store in a cool, dark location.

1.7 oz (50 ml) $7.95

16 oz/$52.00 (bulk)



Genital Rub BEST SELLER!
A wonderful herbal remedy for the uncomfortable vaginal dryness and itching women sometimes experience. Contains skin-softening emollients and healing herbs for delicate tissues.
Contents: organic comfrey root and leaf, wildcrafted chickweed, organic corn silk, organic St. John's Wort, cocoa butter, aloe vera, vitamin E in a base of organic olive oil and beeswax.
Old Fashioned Healing Salve BEST SELLER!
Great for all skin disorders: burns, abrasions, rashes, wounds, bruises. It's also effective on mucus membranes: lips, nose, hemorrhoids; and it even soothes vaginal itch.
Contents: organic omfrey root and leaf, wildcrafted plantain, organic marshmallow, wildcrafted elder flower, wildcrafted chickweed, myrrh, organic goldenseal, organic calendula oil, organic olive oil, and beeswax.
Powerful Skin Compound BEST SELLER!
This is our favorite rub for skin infections, rashes and funguses. Great to use on animal's skin, too.
Contents: wildcrafted black walnut hull powder, wildcrafted chaparral,organic  comfrey, organic sage, wildcrafted mugwort, in a base of organic olive oil and beeswax


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