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Liquid Herbal Extracts
A very popular form of herbal medication today, extracts (also known as tinctures) are highly-concentrated liquid forms of herbs in alcohol (or glycerin) and water that are simple to administer, long lasting, and easy to carry. Anywhere from several drops to several droppersful are added to water; if hot water is used, most of the alcohol is evaporated, leaving the extract in the water. They are perfectly adapted to the busy lifestyles of modern herbal enthusiasts.

The following statements have not been tested or approved by the FDA. Please consult a licensed practitioner when seeking medical advice.



Highly concentrated liquid from organic or wildcrafted herbs with organic alcohol and water.

Simple to administer, long lasting, and easy to carry. Extracts come in amber bottles with suggested dosages.

Extract Herbal Action 1 oz 4 oz
Astragalus Use an an immune system builder and strengthener. Deep tonic that replenishes the blood. Promotes endurances. $13.00  
Dandelion Root
Excellent liver and kidney tonic. Diuretic properties.
Dong Quai Root
A female tonic. Has analgesic, antibiotic, estrogenic, laxative, sedative, and tonic properties.
Echinacea Purpurea and Angustifolia
Cold and flu remedy. Use as a preventative or to abort cold and flu symptoms.
Ginkgo Leaf
Circulatory system tonic; increases memory and learning capacity. Antioxidant. Valuable tonic for the aged.
Olive Leaf
Nature's anti-biotic. Effectively combats bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeasts and protozoa.
$9.00 $20.00
Valerian Root
A mild sedative for insomnia, sudden emotional distress, headaches, intestinal cramps and nervous exhaustion.
$12.00 $35.00


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