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Tee Shirts

Wild Weeds 

Woman T- Shirts  

Inspired by Alphonse Mucha,  1860-1939, local artist Jeff Jordan created this stunning drawing of our Wild Weeds Woman holding an armload of herbs and flowers. Our beautiful niece Caitlin is pictured below wearing the two different styles.

White Shirt with V-Neck 

Petite Sizes  XL only

(other sizes sold out)

Note: Petitie XL is equivalent to M or L in adult sizes






Loose Incense Blends

$3.95 each

Blends of resins, herbs and flowers to be burnt on a charcoal disc. Place lit disc in brass burner and, when coal is glowing, sprinkle lightly with the incense blend.  Packed in 2-1/2” diameter tin; weights vary.

Floral Fragrance .5 oz

Lavender, cedar, rose, rosemary. 

(Herbal Intent: love, friendship, warm welcome.) 

Star of the East Incense Blend Pungent Resins  1.2 oz

Frankincense, myrrh, gum benzoin. (Herbal intent: protection and purification.)

Wooden Incense Ash Catchers

Attractive brass inlaid design.  $1.00 each.


Brass Incense Burner 

$3.75 each

Solid brass, these little beauties hold charcoal discs perfectly.


Charcoal Discs

$3.00 each

Will allow you to burn any dried herb or resin you like in ritual or ceremony. Ten long-lasting discs in each roll.  Light as you would charcoal, full instructions with order.


Traditional Native American mythology uses several methods for purification or chasing away negative energy. We offer the following:

White Sage Bundles 

$8.00 each



Sweetgrass Braids

$8.00 each

Beautiful sweetgrass braids from Canada. These are collected by First Nations families each year ("First Nations" is the Canadian equivalent of "Native American"). Sweetgrass is considered sacred by many peoples of North America. The smoke of burning sweetgrass is said to purify and clear objects, places, and people. Often found in medicine bundles and sometimes packed with dance clothes to keep them fresh. Our braids average about 24 inches long and are very nice quality.


Wild White Sage

$6.00 - 4 oz

$20.00 - 16 oz

Salvia apiana; wild crafted. Dried leaves on stems, mostly whole. Very aromatic, smells like the high desert.  A favorite item with our customers.


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