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Books – Herbals


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Back to Eden - $9.95

By Jethro Kloss

Revised and Updated. This classic represents the system of herbology employed at the turn of the century and is reminiscent of hundreds of herbals and home medical books published at the time. The original material has been enhanced through improved organization, factual clarity and readability.      936 pp; 2005

Herbal Medicine Maker’s Handbook - A Home Manual - $22.95

By James Green

A collection of natural home remedies. An excellent resource for herbal students, practicing herbalists, and anyone new to the art of medicine making. Has explicit information on how to make tinctures, salves, and herbal oil infusions. Lists recommended dosages, principal constituents of plants and information on the art of simpling.  384 pages; 2000.


Stress & Natural Healing - $16.95

By Christopher Hobbs, L.Ac.

Investigates wholesome diet, herbal medicine, healthy habits and vital energy. Helps readers create and maintain low-stress lives. 240 pages; 1997.


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